Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Outsourcing and insourcing

A couple of days ago I had a short conversation about a company insourcing IT systems previously outsourced. IT is like other professional environments. There are strategies changing not really for technical reasons but only because they look cool according to the fashion of the moment.

I.e.: the very first modern IT operating architecture was a monumental mainframe connected to several dumb terminals. A central empowered intelligence organized in virtual machines to serve several applications assigning dynamically computational resources (are you so old to know what MVS/VMS mean?).
After, this kind of organization, probably also due to high maintenance costs, started to appear a bit fascist and every desk has been equipped with its own workstation. It can be considered the SUN/SGI/HP anarchist golden age when every hippie owned his/her "root" password to precipitate SAs groups in the worst nightmare of IT era.
Currently, a central intelligence distributing resources to (not so, but almost) dumb terminals looks cool again. So we have rack mounted blade servers running virtual servers in a way that not differs so much from MVS mainframes.

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