Sunday, December 15, 2013

Good ol' times

There was a time when a refrigerator sized machine with 500 MB disk space and 64 MB of ram memory powered with 380 V, cooled with water pipes and a small cubicle for the "embedded", system administrator wearing a white coat,was called "mini computer".
It isn't a joke. The "mini" was only the silly cousin of the big one, the apartment sized mainframe connected to a tape jukebox large like the the brick pig's house.

Past is like Texas. Everything looks big. I thought about it when I was silently complaining for the bad graphic interface of a chess game on my 900 grams, 10", 64 GB tablet. My first programming experience was on an AIM 65 where I wrote my own 30 instructions assembler version of eight queens puzzle using 6502 machine language.
It was in the late 80s, when I was still a fireman. Until now, it had been a story of algorithms, protocols, Internet, network services, security, smiles to frightened software people and screwdrivers, a lot of screwdrivers. 

May be, someday, I'll find time to tell it.

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