Monday, December 30, 2013

Data integrity and the Time Machine Restore

Information Technology is all about data. We collect raw data to build inferences on them and then store results keeping logs. We make decisions on strategical policies using data trends. We bill our customers on their service consumption data. Our bank adds and subtracts cash amount data (not bucks), etc. 
The 19th century was the century of steam, the 20th the century of transistors, this one is the century of data. The data give the power to manage trends, anticipate and influence consumers behavior, the control financial transactions and a lot of other stuff that all great companies well know.  
Please, do not to be fooled by your last generation smart phone, your tablet or your android stick. They will be obsolete in few months. Well collected and elaborated data are like gold. You can buy data or to mine them, it doesn't really matter, but you have to keep them in a safe place.

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